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Jose Bautista (vertical) Bautista was bothered by a sore hip flexor in May and then had two separate DL stints (with turf toe and a left knee sprain, respectively) that limited him to 116 games. It could simply be that the nagging injuries and the somewhat stop-and-start nature of his season prevented Bautista from ever really getting into a groove. Bautista is known to keep himself in good physical condition, and he played in 308 of 324 games in 2014-15. And of course, even with his 2016 season in mind, Bautista is still easily one of the decades best hitters. Since the start of the 2010 campaign, Bautista leads all hitters in home runs (249) and isolated power (.278), while ranking second in walk rate (16%), fourth in wRC+ (152) and eighth in fWAR (33.8). If 2016 was just an aberration, then Bautistas next team could be signing him at a relative bargain. Weaknesses/Cons When a player is in his mid-30s, any signs of decline have to be taken as a red flag. For every stat indicating that Bautista was more or less his old self last year, there was another that showed significant dropoff. He posted his lowest batting average, slugging percentage, wRC+, wOBA (weighted on-base average) and isolated power numbers since his pre-breakout 2009 season, while also posting his highest strikeout rate since 2009. Between 2010-15, Bautista made contact 70.5% of the time when swinging at pitches outside the strike zone; that number plunged to just 60.4% in 2016. Beyond just his issues at the plate, Bautista was only worth 1.4 fWAR (his lowest as a Blue Jay) last year in large part due to below-average baserunning and fielding metrics. Bautista posted his second straight year of rough numbers in right field, and now has -11 Defensive Runs Scored and -11.2 UZR/150 over the last two seasons. Jay Alou, Bautistas agent, has said that his client is open to a move to left field or the infield, which should help Bautistas market. National League teams without the luxury of a DH spot, however, may be wary about signing a player entering his age-36 season without any guarantee that he can provide passable defense. Bautista has only played 154 MLB innings as a first baseman and 410 innings as a left fielder; a return to third base would seem very unlikely at this stage of his career. Beyond this seasons two DL trips, Bautista was also limited to 92 games in 2012 due to a bad wrist that required post-season surgery, and 118 games in 2013 due to a bruised hip that prematurely ended his season. (In fairness to Bautista, both shutdowns were more than a little due to Toronto being miles out of the pennant race.) He also battled a bad shoulder in 2015 that required him to receive more DH at-bats than usual, though that injury didnt appear to impact his offensive production whatsoever. Personal Originally a 20th-round pick for the Pirates in the 2000 draft, Bautistas rise from journeyman to superstar is one of baseballs more unlikely breakout stories. He played for five different organizations in the 2004 season (his rookie year) before settling back in Pittsburgh and posting middling numbers in semi-regular duty as a third baseman and outfielder. Dealt to the Blue Jays in August 2008 for catcher Robinzon Diaz , Bautista still didnt entirely break out until a swing overhaul under the tutelage of Toronto manager Cito Gaston and hitting coach Dwayne Murphy. The results were incredible after managing just 59 career homers over his first 2038 PA in the bigs, Bautista exploded for 54 homers in 2010 and the rest is history. Bautistas outspoken personality made him a clubhouse leader in Toronto but also ruffled some feathers around the league, whether its questioning the strike zones of several umpires, getting involved in the most memorable on-field brawl in recent memory or his iconic bat flip home run in Game Five of the 2015 ALDS. There hasnt been any indication that Bautistas attitude is necessarily impacting his free agent stock; if anything, Bautista has a reputation as an intense competitor. Market Needless to say, Bautista wont be getting anything close to the massive asking price (five or six years for $150-$180MM) he reportedly floated during preseason extension talks with the Jays. In fact, given his disappointing year, Bautista couldve been justified in accepting the one-year, $17.2MM qualifying offer in the hopes of rebounding in 2017 and testing the market again next winter in search of a bigger contract. Instead, he rejected the Blue Jays offer, so any club that signs him will have to give up its top unprotected draft pickfor Bautistas services. As weve seen in the past, the qualifying offer can limit the market for anything less than superstar free agents. Between the draft pick compensation, Bautistas age, his declining defense and hitting numbers and the number of other first base/DH types on the market, Bautista could have a tough time finding what he believes is fair value. On the other hand, its hard to ignore Bautistas performance prior to 2016. There will certainly be teams interested in seeing if Bautista can bounce back to his old form, and Bautistas apparent willingness to shift out of right field will increase his list of suitors.

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ANGELA MARIA NASO;STAFF, ANGELA MARIA NASO;STAFF Related article At first, it was scary, admits Joe Munoz, 19, referring to his experience being admitted into the psychiatric hospitals emergency room. It was overcrowded. see pageYou feel you do not belong there. You see others who are much worse off than you, like drug addicts and crazy people. Having been born with partial facial paralysis and an outer ear deformity, called microtia, Munoz, of Riverside, was bullied by his classmates in high school for being different. They would steal his hearing aids, call him names and make prank calls. The bullying continued on social media, too. The psychological effects reached the point where he contemplated suicide. Once he put a knife to his throat right in front of his mother, threatening to kill himself. Police were called, and an officer escorted Munoz to the Riverside County psychiatric departments emergency room. Researchers have found that Latino youths, like Munoz, face an array of factors that may increase their risk for mental illnesses. visit this websiteStress can manifest itself through depression and anxiety, which can lead to substance abuse or even suicide.

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