However, Some Of My Other Ideas For Increasing Revenue Begin With Bringing Our Fleet As Well As New Fleet Members Back To Our Harbor.

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To begin with, as one can plainly see all three of the ideas I have mentioned above, are designed to increase revenue. However, some of my other ideas for increasing revenue begin with bringing our fleet as well as new fleet members back to our harbor. I plan to work with the board to decrease yearly slip fees to be competitive with other harbors. we had to qualify for our loans to match our rebuilding funds our fees were increased. Bringing them down will hurt to begin with but as we fill up, poundage fees will increase as well as slip fees in that there will be more boats delivering fish and in our harbor. We will also begin to refurbish the old Anchorage RV as we get control of it in late May 2017. Over the next few years as it becomes more modernized, we will increase patronage, and rebuild the reputation that it once had as a great place to spend your summer months. Simply by taking it over our income should increase from say $20,000 per year to $80,000 per year, thus bringing in more revenue almost immediately. Finally, through The Friends of The Crescent City Harbor, funding and other such grants, we hope to design and build small retail shops along Starfish Way. Again helping the Harbor to grow and increase its revenue.

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